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These are all tracks released by Outersect in God Love the Fool and Caldera and some Outersect remixed tracks by other artists.
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Outersect God Love the Fool

God Love the Fool
Release date: April 20, 2010
Label: Beats & Pieces
Mastered by Kevin Metcalfe
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Outersect Caldera CD

Caldera (Outersect's debut CD)
Release date: August 2007
Label: Heart's Eye Records
Caldera CD Notes
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Outersect Fools Fire

Label: Beats & Pieces
Release date: April 11, 2011

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An-ten-nae Acid Crunk EP5

Warning (Feat. Buccaneer), An-ten-nae & Outersect Remix
Label: Muti Music
Release date: Aug 2009
Natural Born Chillers 2

Outersect's "Kali Ma" released on Natural Born Chillers 2
Label: Aleph Zero Records  
Release date: March 2009
children of the blue ray

Outersect's "Light Universe" released on Children of the Blue Ray
Label: Heart's Eye Records
Release date: December 2008
Get the Lead Out

Outersect released "Seismic Weasel" under the artist name "Caldera"
Get the Lead Out
Release date: June 2005
Label: Psybooty

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Outersect has previously released music under the artist name Caldera and was 1/2 of the duo Bufo.

God Love the Fool :: Beats & Pieces :: April 2010
"Kali-Ma", Natural Born Chillers II :: Aleph-Zero Records :: Mar 2009
"Warning (Feat. Buccaneer), An-ten-nae & Outersect Remix", Acid Crunk EP #5 :: Muti Music, SF :: Aug 2009
"Outersect - Ikodia (An-ten-nae RMX)", Acid Crunk EP #3 :: Muti Music, SF :: Jan 2009) "Light Universe", Children of the Blue Ray :: Heart's Eye Records :: Dec 2008
Caldera :: Heart's Eye Records :: Aug 2007

"Seismic Weasel (Trance Mix)", Get the Lead Out :: Psy-Booty, SF :: June 2005

"Pa’s Old Fashioned Moonshine", Get the Lead Out :: Psy-Booty, SF
"Likkety Split", Language of Light II :: Ceiba, SF
"Falling off the Lily", Language of Light II :: Ceiba, SF
"Voices in my Head", Miditation :: Ceiba, SF
"First Light", Language of Light III :: Ceiba, SF
"Time Bend", Edges are Fun :: Edgecore, Australia
"Kulture Clash", The Devil is a DJ :: Hadshot, Germany
"Smokin Feet", American Rotation :: Spectral Concepts, SF

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Mastering | Sound Engineering

Outersect has mastered and/or did sound engineering for the following projects as "Rob Rayle":

(in alphabetical order)

Alloy Trex: Drive Train

Burning Man: 98 Degrees Under The Sun

Goa Gil - Cyber Baba 2000

Goa Gil - Karmageddon

Goa Gil - Ceiba - Kode IV @ Burning Man

Liquid Crystal Vision

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Free Downloads

Use right-click "Save As" on PC or ctrl-click "Download Linked File As" on Mac to download these 320 kBps MP3 audio files.

Jai Ho Shanti Remix
Featuring vocals by Irina Mikhailova and additional production by Neal Stewart. The 44.1kHz WAV version is available here.

SCB (Obama's Yo' Mama Victory Mashup)
A gift inspired by the hopeful outcome of the 2008 election.

Ikodia (Superstitious Immigrant Mix)

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If you obtained some of my music for free and would like to offer a donation to support my art or would like to support me in creating more music, you can donate directly using the button below. No amount is too large or too small. Thank you.

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