The Kinnari video was released to the world on 4/20 at 4:20p PST! Woot!

Inspired by the San Francisco Bay Area’s underground DIY all-night dance parties of the late 90s/early 2000s, Kinnari invites the world to “Get in the van!” to experience the hypnotic energy of those magical gatherings.

THANK YOU to all the fire dancers, flowy party people, designers, director, videographers, editors and each and everyone involved in the production! Special gratitude to Flowtoys for lending us their props, awesome van and Flowspace to make the magic happen!

Production Crew
Cindy Sparks, Director
Vertel Jackson, Creative Producer and Editor
Outersect, Executive Producer, Music producer, Sound Design and Editor
Sam Little, Associate Producer
Mariel Gregorio Magee, Production Assistant
Rich Alconcel, Storyboard Artist

Camera Team
Cindy Sparks, Videographer 1
Lane Lillquist, Videographer 2
Belinda Man, Videographer 3
Susanna Goldenstein, Photographer

Wardrobe, Hair & Make-Up Team
Ling Ling Lee Costumer
Delila Darlin, Hairdresser
Vanessa Nash, Make-Up Artist
Ismael Acosta, Airbrush Artist

Color by COLOR A GO-GO
Colorist: Kent Pritchett

Contributing Designers
Mythica Masks
Om Gaia Tree
Hoods by Sasha Vu Design

Lighting Effects By
Radiant Atmospheres

Dave Abel, Lighting Technician 1
Harlan Leath, Lighting Technician 2

Stage Props by
The Blipblox by Playtime Engineering
SoulMind Studios

Fire Dancers (in order of appearances)
Sasha Vu, Fire Queen
Cary Jerome, Fire Performer #1
Leilani RuffHouse, Fire Performer #2
Liam Ocean, Fire Performer #3
Marlen Hazel, Fire Performer #4

Flowy Party People (from A-Z)
Alice O.
Ana Firelight
Austin Cable
Benjamin Rowe
Celestiel Thomchick
Ereinion Gray
Dylan T Bradley
Dyami Tivon Kaplan
Erol Efendioglu
Ezrch Walker
Gabriela Rojas
Inga Vintere
Jackson Lee
Jason Peace
Joellen Gutierrez
Joshua Dickey
Kate Egan Sheets
Kin Youn Jung
Laura Saldivar
Lumina Thomchick
Mariel Magee
Melanie Walker
Mey Lee
Michael Curry
Nate “Peggie” Durand
Nermin Soyalp
Nick Davenport
Prisna Nuengsigkapian
Ramiro Nigri
René Alvarez
Rick Thomchick
Sam Little
Samantha Wooton aka Samantha “Mystic Flame Dance” Wooton
Sasha Vu
Sean von Stade
Sophia Mitguerd
Travis Sutphen Remington
Troy Sheets
Van Maffei
Vanessa Nash
Vertel Jackson
Vutan Andrei
Vytas SunSpiral
Yoshi Lee

Special Thanks:

Tony Inorbit for the Inspiration