Outersect is Rob Rayle, a San Francisco Bay Area (USA) based audio technologist, composer and producer of genre-bending psychedelic electronic dance music that flows from global bass, to psychedelic dub, to tekno, to breaks mixed with classic rock and funk. Inspired by sights and sounds from around the world, Outersect fuses acoustic instruments and sounds with digital production to create his own unique sonic experience. Outersect’s ‘‘one-man electronic jam band’ shows include live synthesizer improvisation to inspire ecstasy on the dance floor and auditory bliss. When he’s not making music, Outersect is a consultant for Roland – creating the electronic musical instruments of the future!

Outersect has jammed live with Hallucinogen (Simon Posford) and shared the bill with Shpongle, Ott, Gaudi, Bluetech, Shulman, Phutureprimitive, and other pioneering electronic acts. Outersect performs regularly in the San Francisco Bay Area and major gatherings including Burning Man, Symbiosis Gathering, Earthdance, Beloved Festival, Stilldream Festival and more. Internationally, Outersect has performed in Australia (Global Eclipse), Israel (TAZ Festival), Spain, Mexico and Thailand.
Outersect began training as a classical pianist at age 10 before graduating to synthesizers at age 16. He spent years composing and performing in rock bands before the Burning Man festival altered his musical direction to electronic music. Outersect’s live productions, performances, DJ sets, and his collaborations with other local artists and collectives have created memorable musical events across the West Coast, USA.
Outersect has a state-of-the art home Pro Tools studio with a wide collection of outboard gear. Artists including Perry Farrell, Bassnectar, An-ten-nae, and Goa Gil have recorded and/or mastered tracks and CDs there. His studio is well stocked with unusual pieces of specialty equipment ranging from high end digital gear to vintage analog synthesizers.
Outersect is a master of the Serge Modular, a rare and extremely powerful modular analog synthesizer and the Kyma system. He is also an expert in physical modeling synthesis and has created his own physical modeling synthesizer, the Outersect Modeler, for emulating the behavior of acoustic instruments. Many of the seemingly acoustic sounds on his tracks are actually synthesized using the Outersect Modeler. In addition to synthesizers and keyboards, Outersect also plays the guitar, drums, shakuhachi, and many other instruments.

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