. Outersect

Introducing the Outersect Modeler!

The Outersect Modeler transcends the confines of traditional synthesizers, putting an unparalleled level of realism and expressiveness at your fingertips.

It feels organic and alive, creating beautiful sonic surprises and happy accidents. It’s perfect for anyone seeking an instrument that feels truly alive!

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Rob Rayle, aka Outersect, is a music producer and software engineer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Rob has been experimenting with physical modeling since 2004. You can hear various versions of his approach to physical modeling on all the Outersect recordings. The Outersect Modeler is a pure modeling synth designed to recreate all the expression and nuance of acoustic and electro-acoustic instruments. Tracktion presents the first version of the Modeler which requires no specialized hardware.

Outersect produces genre-bending psychedelic electronic music that synergizes psychill, techno-bluegrass, and 70s progressive rock styles. Outersect’s ‘one-man electronic jam band’ shows include live keyboard improvisation and sound loops to inspire ecstasy on the dance floor and auditory bliss.